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Subject: OT: Making use of extended tags
From: Hendrik van Zeelen (
Date: 2004-06-24

While most people (and progs) make do with the more common
tags - such as artist, title, track no - id3v2 actually
offers a plethora of tags - no news to most of you.
for a list I dug up.)
But - how to put these to use? I would like to add
information as to danceability, "mood" etc. Now, it's pretty
simple to edit these fields in e.g. ID3TagIt, some are even
accessible in Winamp3's file info.So far so good - but none
of the tagging-/ database-progs I've tried is able to search
for/ sort by/ build playlist based on these extended tags.

Would any of you knowledgeable guys know of an application
that does just that?
- Sorry for being slightly ot, but my googling brought up
nothing apart from that list -

Your help is appreciated


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