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Subject: Re: some jukebox newbie questions
From: Jocelyn Delalande (
Date: 2004-01-25

I had the same problem with my V2, as I read on forums of, it might be due to the batteries contacts.
If you want to open your unit check/repair the batteries contacts (it
will void your waranty). If you don't want to open your box, you have to
send it back to archos :-(.


Jocelyn delalande

zebster a écrit :

> the most severe issue i have is that the box won't turn on
> from time to time. i press ON - the green led lights up, then
> the red one. the red led is on for about 2 to 3 seconds before
> going off again, ditto the green about one second later. the
> disc isn't really spinning up during this crippled "boot up",
> but you can hear *one* gentle click. this *has* to be a hardware
> flaw, right? it can't be the battery, i double checked that.
> also, the funny thing is that one time, it just works on a 2nd
> attempt while sometimes it takes up to 30 or even 40 attempts.
> i have a feeling that the effect might be linked to the time
> the unit was off (longer off-time, more problems on next boot up).


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