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Subject: RE: Dropping MP3 players...

RE: Dropping MP3 players...

From: rinty <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 19:24:28 +0100

Hi Fred, sounds fine, not like a put down at all, but what do I do
now? Sure I do treat my Archos like a laptop, and one way round the
situation in the future would be to use some cordless headphones. As
it's books I listen to at night, the quality isn't important.

Thanks for the advice,


-----Original Message-----
[]On Behalf Of Fred Maxwell
Sent: 26 June 2004 17:48
To: 'Rockbox development'
Subject: Dropping MP3 players...

There has been no small number of people who have dropped, knocked to
floor, or otherwise subjected their Archos units to high G-Forces.
I feel for these people, I'd also like to see others avoid damaging

The Archos players should be treated as you would a laptop computer.
have hard drives spinning in them and the drives are not designed to
a one meter drop onto a hard surface. Neither are the thin plastic
cases or
the LCDs. If you use the player in a car, do not just set it on the
next to you. If you do, the first time you slam on the brakes to
avoid an
accident, the player will slam into the dashboard or floor. Do not
put the
Archos player in the bottom of a backpack that you toss onto desks at
school. Don't wear it on your belt if you will be active -- all it
takes is
one bump into a wall, doorway, pillar, post, etc. to ruin the Archos.
you need a player for use while active, get a solid-state player and
the Archos at home. Whenever possible, keep the Archos player in its
neoprene case. They made it out of neoprene to add an additional
level of
protection. When getting in and out of vehicles, have the unit in
hand, not on your belt where it can get smashed against the center
door, door jam, and so on. If you are listening in bed at night,
leave the Archos where it can be pulled to the floor if you fall
asleep and
roll over. Make sure that you don't leave cables (charger, USB,
dangling where people can trip on them or snag them as they go by, as
will lead to the unit toppling to the floor.

I got a small, padded bag like one uses for small cameras. I use it
carry my PDA, cell phone, Archos (in neoprene case), and the
(chargers, BlueTooth headset, cables, GPS module for PDA, etc.). It's
small, light, and I've not broken a single item that I carry in it.

If that all sounds like too much trouble, then maybe a hard drive
player isn't for you. That's not an insult or put-down -- just a
comment on
matching gear to lifestyle.


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Received on 2004-06-26

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