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Subject: Re: Announcement: Rockbox installer for Windows

Re: Announcement: Rockbox installer for Windows

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 13:12:34 +0100

>BlueChip wrote:
>># The icon could do with a little trimming
>> (Feel free to nick the icon roland made for the DevKit)
>That *is* the icon from the Devkit. ;)

LOL ...that's freaky seem to have some green dots around the edge of
yours which shows up quite clearly with my chosen desktop theme - <looks
confused> ...I can do a screenshot if you think it might help.

>Still, if you'd like to implement these things, I'll happily send you the
>config file and let you hack away at it. ;)

Hey, not for me thanks ;)
I'm up to my ears as it is.
Taking time out to cheer words of encouragement is a nice diversion, but I
have virtually zero windoze programming experience; I am an embedded guy
through-and-through ...console stuff in djgpp is about as close as I get to
writing stuff for windows.

Advanced stuff is always nice, but this installer is the first and most
important step toward something ovekill :) I would still advise newb's to
use your installer over and above "unzip" :)


>># I would rather see a list of:
>> Drive: [Label] Drive-Size Free-Space
>> instead of "E:\ [browse]"
>> Maybe "if you cannot see your jukebox drive connect it now and press
>> refresh
>> ...or better still have a monitoring thread running
>Would be nice, but it's not supported by InnoSetup. I went for the easy
>># You could check for which drive it is by detecting
>> a) if it is removable (that will round it down pretty quick)
>> b) what driver it is using, iirc we are isd-200 and isd-300
>> c) if an existing .mod or .ajz file is in root
>I think that would involve rather more acquaintance with Windows
>programming than I'm willing to suffer.
>># Model selection
>> Would rather a radio-button thing than a list box
>> How about little pictures of the units next to the radio buttons
>> (again you can find small versions of these on my site,
>> or big ones on the rockbox site)
>Me too, actually. But InnoSetup doesn't give you the choice,
>unfortunately. It might be possible to sling together a bit of custom
>Pascal code to provide such a dialogue (that's how I make sure that you're
>in the root of a drive before installing) but it's probably more effort
>than it's worth.
>># Model detection
>> a) well, the driver id will give you some idea
>Probably not doable without writing custom Windows code, sadly.
>> b) checking the files present on the drive would
>> be good for upgrades
>I could probably tag each install in some way, but there's no easy way to
>pick a default option, I'm afraid.
>Still, if you'd like to implement these things, I'll happily send you the
>config file and let you hack away at it. ;)

Received on 2004-06-27

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