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Subject: Re: Announcement: Rockbox installer for Windows
From: lee donaghy (
Date: 2004-06-27

shame it was never used.

--- Christi Alice Scarborough
<> wrote: > Because I am
an insomniac, I have the great pleasure
> to announce the
> first ever self-executing Rockbox installer. This
> should hopefully cut
> down on the number of people not installing the
> .rockbox directory.
> Because my JB has no screen, it's not really up to
> testing, so I need
> some brave suckers, erm volunteers to test that it
> works.
> (Unfortunately my JB is still screenless and does
> not make a good testbed.)
> Things I'd like testers to try:
> - clean install (ie with Rockbox totally removed
> from the disk)
> - install over a previous version
> - plugins, language support, fonts
> - different architectures (player, recorder,
> recorderv2, recorderfm)
> Note that you can test using F1+on if you have
> flashed your box. It
> will also copy the .ucl file, but you would have to
> flash that yourself.
> This version, which should work for all Jukebox
> models, is an 800kb
> download, which doesn't seem too harsh, really. It
> was created using
> the excellent InnoSetup utility. If anyone wants
> the InnoSetup source
> file, I'm happy to GPL it.
> Christi
> _______________________________________________

Lee Donaghy
Great Yarmouth, UK

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