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Subject: Re: write on it, too! (Re: ATA test, round 2)
From: Jens Arnold (
Date: 2004-06-28

Hello [IDC]Dragon

>> > I think you'd need to write to the disk, otherwise you
>> > won't see corruptions, no bad reads would manifest
>> > themselves on the disk.
>> Starting a song will write to .rockbox/.playlist_control.

> OK, that's a few bytes, but more write throughput could
> increase the chances of a detectable error.
> By nature, Scandisk can't tell you about the file content

As Linus said, starting a song causes a write access to
.rockbox/.playlist_control, and the .rockbox directory itself.

Iirc, the 2 users who reported problems with file system
corruption reported that their .rockbox directory was corrupt
after just playing songs. Because of this I deliberately only
asked for playing some songs before re-checking, to limit
possible corruption to the .rockbox directory.

Of course, if someone does the test as described and no
corruption shows up, it would be even more helpful to rename
ajbrec-fast.ajz to ajbrec.ajz (archos-fast.mod to archos.mod)
and use it for a while, including file creation (Recorders:
record something), renaming, deletion etc., then check for
errors again.

Regards, Jens


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