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Subject: Re: ATA test, round 2
From: Jens Arnold (
Date: 2004-06-28

Hello Andreas

>> If it really is a DK23CA, it would be very helpful if you
>> could do so. As I assume that nothing important is stored on
>> that old disk, it would be even more helpful if you would
>> stress it with ajbrec-fast.ajz some more then, including
>> recording something, renaming and deleting files before
>> re-checking.

> Ok, I digged it out and verified it, it's indeed a DK23CA-20.
> I backed up my data and copied 1 GB mp3s on it, then I put it
> into my jukebox and did some tests. I played songs, changed
> settings, created playlists of the whole disk, recorded
> several files, deleted a directory, renamed a directory,
> played more songs, saved a bookmark etc. I didn't get any
> errors after the procedure (using ajbrec-fast.ajz of course).
> Below there's a detailed report.

First of all, many thanks for your effort and your detailed
reports. This may really help us to get the issue sorted.

> Feel free to ask if you want me to do any further tests.

Yes, I have another one :-/

I compiled a rockbox build from cvs status as of 01 Feb 2004;
this is the time when the problem occurred. Please download
this at

and do the same stress test that you did with ajbrec-fast.ajz
with that. Then check the disk for errors. Hopefully there are
some (proving the "disk brand theory").

Background info:

Back in February there were 3 users reporting file system
corruption, all with a Hitachi DK23-CA disk (Pedro Clemente,
Trent Johnson and Lee Marlow). Unfortunately I only have a full
report of my first test from Trent Johnson, the others didn't
supply full debug info.

On the downside I also have a report by one user with the same
disk who uses the optimization all the time and does not have
any problems with it (Henrik Backe).

Regards, Jens


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