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Subject: V1 usb charging and hard drive upgrade
From: Karl Tinsley (
Date: 2004-06-30

Hi Rockboxers,

My beloved 40GB V2 recorder was stolen last month :( . Since Amazon no
longer has the amazing $129 deal, I've replaced it with V1 recorder I
got on ebay. I have a couple of questions.

Does the V1 charge off USB like the V2 did? If so, do I have to change
any sort of setting in Rockbox to get it working?

My other question is OT for Rockbox, but this is the savviest group of
AJBR users anywhere, so I thought I'd ask. Is changing out the hard
drive in the V1 simpler than with the V2? After I did my V2, I wished I
had put in an 80GB drive, because I never wanted to go through that
hassle again. I haven't been able to find instructions specifically for
the V1 -- does it solder together like the V2 did?

Thanks for everything -- when looking for a replacement jukebox, I
looked at the other brands (Creative, IRiver, Pogo), but just couldn't
do without my Rockbox!



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