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Subject: Re: V1 usb charging and hard drive upgrade
From: Gary (
Date: 2004-06-30

Do you need to solder to change out the HD on a V2? Please let me know.


-----Original Message-----
From: BlueChip <>
Sent: Jun 30, 2004 1:35 PM
To: Rockbox development <>
Subject: Re: V1 usb charging and hard drive upgrade

>Hi Rockboxers,
>My beloved 40GB V2 recorder was stolen last month :( . Since Amazon no
>longer has the amazing $129 deal, I've replaced it with V1 recorder I got
>on ebay. I have a couple of questions.
>Does the V1 charge off USB like the V2 did? If so, do I have to change any
>sort of setting in Rockbox to get it working?

No and n/a :(

>My other question is OT for Rockbox, but this is the savviest group of
>AJBR users anywhere, so I thought I'd ask. Is changing out the hard drive
>in the V1 simpler than with the V2? After I did my V2, I wished I had put
>in an 80GB drive, because I never wanted to go through that hassle again.
>I haven't been able to find instructions specifically for the V1 -- does
>it solder together like the V2 did?
>Thanks for everything -- when looking for a replacement jukebox, I looked
>at the other brands (Creative, IRiver, Pogo), but just couldn't do without
>my Rockbox!



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