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Subject: Re: French Rockbox translation team
From: Jean Boullier (
Date: 2004-07-02

You are welcome Fred! I have updated that file until June last year, and
then, after having been without a PC during 2 months (a deadly
flashing!) I have been a little lazy to catch up when I replaced it... 8-)

You can send me your lang file directly if you like, I even have a
little stand-alone goodie to generate the lng file for live testing.

Cheers. Jean.


Jean Boullier - Rouen - Normandie - France

Fred a écrit:

>Hello ! > >I'm quite a long-term Rockbox user, and have corrected the french >Rockbox language file twice two or three months ago. My changes were >not merged in the CVS, and my patch just got checked today by Linus (I >know you're a bit out of time, better late than never ;)). Today I'd >want to correct and update the french language file once more, because >I really think it's time to do it (I'm not quite happy with the >current version, which lacks some recent strings). > >In order to stick with the community and get the cvs french language >file changed, I'd like to federate french speaking Rockbox users who >are interrested in a better french translation for the firmware, in >order to release the new french translation and periodically maintain >it up to date. Off course I'm on the way and starting to correct the >translation tonight, if you are interested in some community work >around the french language file please let us know ;) > > >Salut à tous ! >J'utilise le firmware Rockbox depuis un certain temps maintenant, et >j'ai déjà corrigé plusieurs fois le fichier de traduction française. >J'aimerais, pour améliorer la version actuelle de francais.lang du >CVS, constituer une équipe de traduction francophone qui puisse >relire, corriger et mettre à jour la traduction française de Rockbox. >Si vous êtes intéressé(e), faites-le savoir sur la mailing list ;) > >Fred >_______________________________________________ > > > >


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