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Subject: Installer builder version 1.0.2
From: Christi Alice Scarborough (
Date: 2004-07-03

Available (once it's uploaded) as usual from

So what's new:

- eliminated the need to have an associated X display using Xvfb.
- wrapper script now washes, shines and tells your fortune.
- actually the wrapper script is configurable so that you can download
   the files off the net if you want, and also so you can upload the
   final product when you're done.
- Supports daily builds and rockbox releases from 2.2

The process of running the install builder is now incredibly simple:

1) Install wine on your system and configure it so that R:\ points to
the directory where you installed the installer builder (You may need a
working X DISPLAY for winesetup - use ssh X tunnelling or vnc if

2) Edit src/update-dailybuild to match your system configuration

3) machine$ src/update-dailybuild

That's it! Nifty, eh?

Or maybe I just impress easily. But it should now be possible for
anyone with sufficient privilages on a net connected Linux box to set up
a site producing daily build installers. Hopefully someone not stuck on
  wetpieceofstringnet will do this. It's also ready to drop into the
official build system as and when the official build maintainers get the


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