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Subject: Re: OT: DC IN broken
From: Patrick Staehlin (
Date: 2004-07-10

BlueChip wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I finally got around to look at my broken 20GB Jukebox Recorder (board
>> rev. 1.3B). It doesn't power-on anymore when I plug in the charger but
>> the solder points inside the archos seemed to be fine. If i apply 5V
>> to the battery-connectors the unit *does* work.
>> Since I'm not an electronics expert, I don't know where to look for
>> broken parts inside the player. Those SMD-parts are looking all the
>> same to me ;) Any hints?
> A few mails back there was a chat about what happens if you reverse the
> polarity kills the charger circuit this sounds like your
> problem (although maybe not your cause) you may like to read up about
> leaky/black capacitors and charger chip replacement part-numbers :)

Well, it *looked* like it was this chip, but i think I've
destroyed the hd while experimenting with an external 5V DC
powersource ;-P (HD register error while booting).

Anyway, thanks for your reply.



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