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Subject: Re: where did bass boost go?
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-07-12

You may enjoy reading the documentation on "Micronas Dynamic Bass" in the
"Audio-3587" documentation over at it has some interesting tips in
it about various advanced features of the MAS-3587 (which is the official
name of the audio chip that lives inside you Jukebox.)

You may even enjoy trying Audio-3587 which has a "user" and an
"advanced"/"geek" mode :)


>After upgrading to a new daily build, I found that you took out the bass
>boost option. I know there are a lot of settings now so that you can
>customize the bass, but I don't know what they all mean or how to use
>them. Is there any way that you can still include the old bass boost
>feature and just be able to turn it on or off(so that you could leave the
>new controls for people who know how to use them) but still make it easy
>for people who don't really understand the new features to use it the old
>way. Also, I would appreciate it if someone couldexplain what all the
>controls are and what are good settings. Thank you.
>~ _/) ~~
>navigare necesse est. (to sail is necessary)
> -Plutarch, 86 A.D.


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