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Subject: Re: Announcement: Rockbox 2.3 manual - first draft
From: Ronald Teune (
Date: 2004-07-14

manual! manual! manual! :-P
page 11, picture of jukebox 6000: is this a typo or is the left/right
really this illogical?
page 16, "customising". isn't this "customizing"? or is that Yet Another
British/American thing
page 17, "Fast forwar", "(uick press)"
(i skipped lots of pages i already knew most stuff about, where did you
get this much patience to write all the stuff?!)
page 41, "Exit Tetris" it's now called rockblox
page 24, "o"s -> cosmetic issue: different types of "" are used (straight
and 'sloping', dont know the correct word)
page 49, the vu meter already supports both lin and log scale (or is this
just fake?)
anyway, my mother says i have to eat now...

Overall, it's a real good manual. It's good to see all stuff sorted out
nice in one manual.
Features like the ID3 viewing screen are things I would've never noticed
without the manual (perhaps they're on the website.. but the pdf seems
more convenient, and one doesn't have to click through all the links)

Ronald (aka zeekoe)

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004 01:31:02 +0100, Christi Alice Scarborough
<> wrote:

> Feedback welcome. (Bear in mind I may ignore grammar pedantry or
> criticisms of my asthetic sense.)
> Thanks,
> Christi
> _______________________________________________

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