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Subject: Re: Bug with shuffle/insert playlist!
From: Mat Holton (
Date: 2004-07-15

>> Is it a major problem to have a true Random Play Mode then?
>Yes. First of all, people have different opinions on what "true random
>play" means. The "shuffle" approach is a lot easier to handle
>technically, since the sequence of songs is static. For instance, if we
>just picked the next song randomly, we would have to keep a a history of
>the played songs, since we want to be able to play the previous song by
>pressing Left.
Okay, I think I understand. Why can't the songs be inserted randomly into the playlist, if Shuffle
is on?

>> I also think the whole enqueing system is Rockbox's biggest
>> downfalls.
>Really, why? Doesn't it work?
Yes, it works fine (apart from the, what I consider strange behavior explained in my first mail).
It's just cumbersome, when all I want to do is insert a song or collection of songs. Think Winamp...

>> This became more apparent when I recently demonstrated
>> Rockbox to a friend who was considering buying a new MP3 player. He
>> though it was far too much hassle to enque a song, he ended up buying
>> an iPod.
>Then he would probably be much better off with an iPod, because he
>obviously wasn't after advanced functionality.
Okay, fair enough statement.

>> I personally think the Play button should come up with a
>> menu containing the following options:
>> "Play Track" "Enqueue Track"
>The whole idea behind our queueing system is that you are able to choose
>where the track should be queued, after the currently playing song or
>last in the playlist (or after the last queued song).
>I agree that the interface could be easier, but I don't agree that the
>current functionality should be stripped down to a simple "enqueue",
>whatever that means.

I wasn't suggesting stripping down the functionality was I? I said the On+Play functionality could remain
but the Play button would display a menu with Play and Enqueue (in the winamp sense of he word, add to the playlist).
Plus, as I mentioned in the second email, if the menu appeard as a popup type box, with the directory view still visible behind
it may be more obvious what is going on. This would be usefull for the main on+play menu as well...



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