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Subject: Re: making an app for the rockbox

Re: making an app for the rockbox

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 15:23:07 +0100

Hey Mansoor

First off, welcome to the RockBox developer team :)

If you are only writing plug-ins, as Tom says, do all your work in

And as Linus says, "make zip" in your target-build directory will create a
Rockbox install zip; and "make install" in your sim-build directory will
make the simulator pretend that "sim-build/archos" is the root directory of
the simulated Jukebox.

I personally have an old fashioned embedded-engineers machine (ie. slow
cpu/slow hdd/cheap electric bill/etc) and find "make zip" and "make
install" too slow to use repetetively.

My solution is that the FIRST time I do a build I do the full:

   make install

   make zip
   unzip -d /cygdrive/m/.

("m" is the drive letter that my Jukebox lives on ("M"usic))

Then, as I tweak my plugin (so it does what I want - rather than what I
typed) I use:

   make;cp myplugin.rock archos/

   cp myplugin.rock /cygdrive/m/.rockbox/rocks/

You may notice that I do the make and copy all-in-one for Sim, but
seperately for target... This gives me time to connect the unit or the copy
will say something like "drive not found" ...The sim is a one-liner purely
for the convenience of only having to type once.

When I finish my current training course, I will update the DevKit at
Cyborg Systems (it will be 3.03) to inlude a number of things, one of which
is "F-Key keyboard short-cuts" to these, and other, commands.

With the method above, the LATEST "myplugin" will actually appear in the
root directory of the simulator (ENABLE "SHOW FILES: ALL or SUPPORTED"),
this means I can start it quickly without hunting it down through the menu

There are a dozen other short-cuts, but that should get you up to good
speed now.

Having rewritten the UI recently (available from Cyborg Systems Homepage),
I have already considered adding a command line option to auto-run your
plugin as rockbox-ui-sim starts automatically ...but I've kinda got my
heart set on getting it to do the grey-scale stuff first, as that would be
of more use to me personally this space -> <-

Let us know if you need any more tips and tricks of the trade ;)


At 04:34 15/07/04, you wrote:
>In the rockbox manual it says:
>"Most of them can be started from the main menu if you
>put them in the
>/.rockbox/rocks directory. Press PLAY on them to start
>When I compile the rockbox it does not create any
>.rockbox directory. If I try making this directory,
>it doesn't like the dot at the beginning of the name
>and says invalid name for directory. I am using the
>Devkit on Windows and when i go to rockbox simulator
>window and clik "Browse Plugins" on the menu, it
>doesn't do anything. The same problem on the actual
>archos player. When the .ajz file is downloaded
>everything seems to work fine except for the "Browse
>plugins" part. Any idea, how to handle it?
>Mansoor Chatha
>--- Tom Norris <> wrote:
> > Mansoor Chatha wrote:
> > > I just created a .h and a .c file and put them
> > into
> > > the apps folder. However, when i run the
> > > ../tools/configure and then make, it seems that my
> > app
> > > gets ignored by the compiler. How would i make an
> > > application, for example like alarm_menu for the
> > > rockbox? How would I go about compiling and
> > testing
> > > it?
> >
> >
> > If you are writing a plugin you need to put your
> > files in apps/plugins/
> > for the make script to automagically compile them.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Tom
> >
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Received on 2004-07-15

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