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Subject: AJBR20 dead - seems like VCC is not generated
Date: 2004-07-19

Hi forum,

until now I was just a silent listener to this forum but now I do have
have a serious problem with my AJBR20 (upgraded to 80GB and it worked
fine for several months).

The unit is dead - nothing happens when either pressing and holding the
ON button or connecting the charger to the unit.
It happens during a normal play when a song was just "paused". When I
pressed PLAY again it didn't work so I pressed OFF and the unit turned
OFF and since that I am unable to awake it again - strange.
As I am a bit experienced in electronics I decided to open the unit to
see if something was obviously damaged - guess what - nothing obvious.
I also looked at the schematics from the Rockbox Homepage but it seems
that my unit is different.
Interface board is Rev. V2.1B.

>From the schematics from the Rockbox homepage I thought that one of the
Transitors T1 or T2 (named 022G) might be damaged or the LM2651-3.3
because it seems that VCC is not available. At least I cannot measure
any voltage (beside some "noise") on the coil L2.
The problem is that I cannot locate neither one of the Transitors nor
the LM2651-3.3 on my board.

I wondered if one of you guys might be able to help or can give a hint
where to look at.
If it is of any help I can create a picture of the Interface board and
send it to someone.

If would really like to revive my recorder again ...

Thanks for any feedback in advance


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