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Subject: Question about battery power
From: Aregullin, Manuel (
Date: 2004-07-20

I'm new to the list and I have a question. I've loaded the rockbox firmware
on my Archos v2 recorder. Since then, I seem to have extreme poor battery
power management. For example, I charged the unit a little over a week ago.
Today I was listening to the unit. I checked the power, the unit said 34%.
By the way, I'm blind, so I'm taking the voice's word for the power level.
Anyway, 10 minutes later, I happened to check again and the power dropped to
7%. I checked this in the rockbox menus under "info" and Rockbox "info"
So my question is this. Is this an accurate power indicator? If so, is there
a particular configuration that I could set to conserve battery power? I
found a menu which refers to milliamps and I could adjust this menu but I
wasn't really sure of what I was adjusting. I exited out of the menu with
out saving any settings. Any Ideas?


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