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Subject: ATA error!
From: ezankel01 (
Date: 2004-07-21

I was charging my recorder fm today, using the original archos charge screen. I wanted to play some music while it was charging. I pushed the on button, rockbox screen pops up(I have it flashed) and then instead of going to the root directory, it said: ATA error: -31 Press on to debug. I pushed on and I see all the numbers going crazy. how long is this supposed to take? I left it for a few minutes and then decided something was wrong and maybe this was just a protection thing for rockbox. I pushed off which game me this message: *Panic* ata: -31. What scares me more is that the red light blinks on and off each second. I still don't know what this means and the archos won't respond so I held down the off button for about 20 seconds until it turned off.(still with the charger in). It seemed to be fine so I experimented and found that starting rockbox works fine while at the rockbox charging screen.
    I am running daily build CVS-040719. this problem is repeatable. The reason I use the original archos charging screen is that rockbox doesn't tell you when it is fully charged.
    If anyone can tell me what went wrong I would appreciate it. Thanks ahead of time.

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