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Subject: Re: Question about battery power
From: Ronald Teune (
Date: 2004-07-21


mAh means milli-Ampere-hour. I think the standard batteries are 1600 mAh
or so (I got it second hand - with 2300 mAh batteries inside), I don't
exactly know what the standard setting in rockbox is. 2300 mAh means
something like it can run for 2.3 hours while draining 1000 mA (or 1 A) or
for 1 hour when draining 2.3 A. This is not entirely accurate, but the
idea is that higher mAh's give higher runtimes, so rockbox probably
displays a higher runtime when you set it to 2300 mAh.


> Does this MA adjustment actually allow the user to adjust how much power
> is
> used? Would I be correct in assuming that if I adjust this setting
> lower, I
> can extend my play time?
> Manuel

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