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Subject: Re: CVS


From: Matthias Wientapper <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 20:11:42 +0200

BlueChip wrote:

> It would be great to be able to see all the CVS activity in date order,
> but with CVS.EXE and VIEWCVS.CGI and TORTOISE-CVS, I just can't achieve
> this.

Hi BC,

I use the perl script "cvs2cl" for that (cvs to changelog).
I don't know if there is a "cvs log" combo that does what you want.

Maybe I can help you with a list of changes from the 20st of July up to now?

cvs2cl -l "-d'>2004-07-20'" produces:

2004-07-25 19:08 linus

        * apps/tree.c: The call to shutdown_screen() is only for recorder

2004-07-25 18:22 linus

        * apps/tree.c: ask_resume() now only reacts on button release

2004-07-25 01:54 linus

        * uisimulator/x11/button-x11.c: Removed annoying debug output

2004-07-24 23:36 linus

        * apps/lang/english.lang: Added shutdown confirmation text

2004-07-24 23:35 linus

        * apps/screens.c: Replaced the poweroff confirmation string with a
          language ID, and removed the shutdown_screen() function for

2004-07-24 23:26 linus

        * apps/main_menu.c, apps/misc.c, apps/misc.h, apps/screens.c,
          apps/screens.h, apps/tree.c, apps/lang/english.lang,
          firmware/mp3_playback.c, firmware/export/mp3_playback.h: New
          feature: clean shutdown if you press OFF twice in the file
          browser, or select "Shut off" in the main menu. Players only have
          the menu option, due to lack of keys.

2004-07-24 22:38 linus

        * firmware/drivers/button.c: Now doesn't generate extraneous
          key-down events when releasing one key in a combo

2004-07-24 21:04 linus

        * apps/Makefile: Prepared for ROM builds

2004-07-24 19:57 linus

        * apps/main.c: Removed some obsolete stuff

2004-07-24 19:56 linus

        * firmware/ Major fixes to please newer versions of the

2004-07-24 19:53 linus

        * firmware/crt0.S: Don't copy the data section if src and dest are
          the same

2004-07-24 19:20 linus

        * firmware/drivers/fat.c: Removed nasty lvalue cast

2004-07-24 13:39 linus

        * firmware/export/system.h: gcc 3.4 has a different constraint

2004-07-24 01:31 linus

        * apps/recorder/radio.c: Fixes for the new virtual pointer concept

2004-07-24 01:01 hohensoh

        * apps/bookmark.c, apps/debug_menu.c, apps/main_menu.c,
          apps/menu.c, apps/menu.h, apps/onplay.c, apps/playlist_menu.c,
          apps/playlist_viewer.c, apps/settings.c, apps/settings.h,
          apps/settings_menu.c, apps/sound_menu.c, apps/talk.h,
          apps/recorder/radio.c, uisimulator/common/stubs.c: New way of
          defining menus and options allows to declare them static const,
          which saves the code to runtime-assemble them. Rockbox just got 6
          KB smaller.

2004-07-23 23:38 linus

        * uisimulator/x11/button-x11.c: Somewhat better key combination

2004-07-23 23:10 linus

        * apps/plugins/lib/Makefile: Removed the simulator build option

2004-07-23 23:06 linus

        * uisimulator/x11/Makefile: Brushed up, made it more like the win32

2004-07-23 23:02 linus

        * apps/plugins/clock.c: Now you can exit the clock plugin again

2004-07-23 17:13 linus

        * apps/plugins/sort.c: Case insensitive sorting

2004-07-23 17:12 linus

        * apps/: plugin.c, plugin.h, plugins/search.c: Added strcasecmp()
          to the plugin API

2004-07-23 16:54 linus

        * apps/plugins/: sort.c, viewers.config: New viewer plugin, sorts a
          text (or playlist) file

2004-07-23 16:51 linus

        * apps/plugin.c: The simulator has to use the sim_ versions of
          remove() and rename()

2004-07-23 12:45 linus

        * apps/playlist.c: Slightly better randomness when shuffling

2004-07-23 12:38 linus

        * firmware/include/stdlib.h: Added RAND_MAX

2004-07-23 10:58 linus

        * apps/debug_menu.c: Removed the sound debugging screen

2004-07-23 10:45 linus

        * docs/CHARGING_ALGORITHM: Brushed it up a little

2004-07-22 11:09 linus

        * firmware/backlight.c: It turns out that the backlight port pin on
          the player can be set to an input (and pulled up externally) to
          shut off the backlight. That may save us a few picoamps :-)

2004-07-22 09:51 linus

        * apps/plugins/euroconverter.c: Updated for the new configfile

2004-07-22 09:51 linus

        * apps/plugins/lib/: configfile.c, configfile.h: Now keeps integers
          within range, and saves a version number in the cfg file,
          refusing to load too old versions

2004-07-22 09:47 linus

        * uisimulator/win32/uisw32.c: The win32 simulator window is now
          shown in the task bar, and the tick resolution is more correct,
          thanks to BlueChip

2004-07-21 15:58 linus

        * apps/screens.c: splash(): Avoid negative x coordinates if the
          text doesn't fit

2004-07-21 15:47 linus

        * apps/plugins/euroconverter.c: Now uses the new config file

2004-07-21 15:46 linus

        * apps/plugins/lib/: configfile.c, configfile.h: New plugin library
          framework for loading and saving .cfg files

2004-07-21 15:15 linus

        * apps/: plugin.c, plugin.h: Added strncpy to the plugin API

2004-07-21 15:13 linus

        * uisimulator/win32/Makefile: Added dependency on the plugin

2004-07-21 10:29 linus

        * uisimulator/x11/button-x11.c: Forgot to remove all traces of the
          obsolete repeat mask functions

2004-07-21 10:11 linus

        * apps/plugin.h: Bumped the API version

2004-07-21 10:02 linus

        * apps/plugin.c, apps/plugin.h, firmware/drivers/button.c,
          firmware/export/button.h, uisimulator/win32/button.c,
          uisimulator/x11/button-x11.c: Added raw button reading

2004-07-21 00:54 hohensoh

        * apps/plugins/: firmware_flash.c, rockbox_flash.c: Added a check
          to prevent the flash plugins being used (and crashing) if Rockbox
          runs directly in flash ROM. (You need to RoLo a .ajz before

2004-07-21 00:32 amiconn

        * apps/plugin.h, firmware/common/ctype.c, firmware/include/ctype.h:
          Made the char property lookup table constant

2004-07-21 00:13 amiconn

        * apps/sound_menu.c, apps/recorder/recording.c,
          firmware/mp3_playback.c, firmware/export/mp3_playback.h: Const'ed
          the various setting lookup tables

2004-07-20 23:49 amiconn

        * apps/screens.c: Const'ed the usb logo

2004-07-20 23:37 amiconn

        * apps/plugin.c, firmware/system.c: Next round of const policeing

2004-07-20 21:13 amiconn

        * apps/: settings.c, settings.h: More const policeing, removed
          unused variable

2004-07-20 13:43 linus

        * firmware/drivers/lcd-player.c: Extra LCD updates for the player
          LCD simulation

2004-07-20 13:42 linus

        * uisimulator/common/lcd-playersim.c: Player LCD simulation no
          longer writes outside the frame buffer

2004-07-20 12:52 linus

        * uisimulator/win32/Makefile: Simplified the win32 sim makefile a

2004-07-20 10:46 amiconn

        * apps/recorder/: icons.c, icons.h: slider_bar was obsolete


                          Matthias Wientapper
                  I'll get you yet, you kwazy wabbit!
Received on 2004-07-25

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