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Subject: Re: Updated again: Rockbox running directly from flash rom (ROMbox)

Re: Updated again: Rockbox running directly from flash rom (ROMbox)

From: Tom Cole <>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 09:24:08 +1200


 You're doing great work, and I hope this modification is merged into
the CVS soon.

A couple of points:

Would it be helpful to include the installation instructions in the zip
file as a Readme?

Also, I'm not sure I understand why the ajbrec.ajz file has to be kept.
If you are running ROMbox already and you wish to update to a newer
version, surely you need to install and rolo to the new version first
prior to flashing. This is normal flashing procedure. Or is the
ajbrec.ajz file used by ROMbox in some way?

Tom Cole

On Sat, 31 Jul 2004 09:53:36 +0200, you wrote:

>Hello all,
>I updated my ROMbox builds again to the latest cvs, and changed
>the way I distribute it to make using ROMbox a bit easier (at
>least I hope so). ROMbox is now distributed as a complete .zip
>distribution compiled from current cvs, with the rockbox.ucl
>replaced by the special ROMbox version.
>So the installation instructions change a bit (It works almost
>the same way as installing an ordinary daily build now):
>** Requirements:
> Archos Jukebox Recorder _V1_, flashed
>OR Archos Jukebox Recorder _V2_, flashed
>(The Player/Studio isn't currently flashable, and for the
>FM Rombox won't fit in the remaining ROM space. This will
>most likely change if this test proves that running from rom
>is really useful)
>** Procedure: (Recorder V1 / V2 ONLY!)
>- Download & install the ROMbox version for your box
> V1:
> V2:
>- RoLo into ajbrec.ajz.
>- flash rockbox.ucl the same way as you'd do with an ordinary
> daily build (located under .rockbox)
>- If flashing went ok: switch off the box and start it again
>- Look into Info->Rockbox Info. The buffer value should be
> > 1.790 MB (It reads 1.798 MB for me. I have the number of files
> per dir set to 300, and the maximum playlist size to 5000)
>Play around with it as you would do with ordinary rockbox, and
>report if anything doesn't work as expected. (Expected means
>like ordinary rockbox). The only exception is the flash
>plugin, see below.
>Do _not_ delete ajbrec.ajz. You'll need to RoLo into it if you
>want to flash another .ucl later, as you can't flash the ROM
>if Rockbox is running from it. The flash plugin should tell
>you that you are running from ROM and refuse to flash if you
>try that.
>If you want to do even more, you could do runtime tests,
>comparing rombox runtimes with ordinary rockbox. I'm
>especially interested in runtime tests with a Recorder v2.
>Regards, Jens

Received on 2004-07-31

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