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Subject: error accessing playlist control file
From: Amanda Redmond-Neal (
Date: 2004-08-01

thanks for the advice, linus.

although the second error read "playlist buffer full" instead of "dir buffer
full," i figured, as you must have, that the two are close enough and followed
the instructions in the faq #76. the "max files in dir browser" setting was
actually set to 3756, not 0, but i also checked the "max playlist size" while i
was there. it initially appeared as 0, but it changed itself to 1000 as soon
as i opened the setting. mp3 files are now playing. yay.

but... i still get the "error accessing playlist control file" message when i
do a number of other things, including attempt to resume upon restart. since
you asked, i did indeed unzip the entire rockbox archive when i downloaded it.
i do have the .rockbox directory, complete with all of the subdirectories and
files inside it.

can you tell me what to try next?


Quoting Linus Nielsen Feltzing <>:
> For the "dir buffer full" problem, go here:
> Regarding the "error accessing..." problem, I wonder if you really
> installed Rockbox correctly. Did you really unzip the entire ZIP onto
> your jukebox? If you did, there should be a directory called .rockbox in
> the root, containing lots of other files and directories.
> Linus
> Amanda Redmond-Neal wrote:
> > i just installed rockbox on an archose jukebox recorder 20 for the first
> time.
> > when i attempt to play any audio file, i get the message: "error accessing
> > playlist control file," followed by the elaboration: "playlist buffer
> full."
> > the songs don't ultimately play.
> > is this problem common? forgive me if it's really the simplest thing ever
> -- i
> > wonder wherer to go from here.

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