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Subject: Re: RB Directory listing order
From: Bryan VanDyke (
Date: 2004-08-02

Stuart Tedford wrote:

>>>There is nothing "natural" about
>>>it and I disagree with it at a fundamental level.
>>Lol. We obviously went to very different schools. I was
>>always taught 12
>>comes after 2 not between 1 and 2. ;)
> Not if we are dealing with strings, which is what filenames are. This
> "natural sort order" is actually breaking a second standard (ASCII), as well
> as breaking the leading zero standard. Maybe you think 2 wrongs make a
> right, I don't.
> I didn't really want to start a flame session or anything (so I shouldn't
> have made the AOL comment, so sorry for any offence I caused), but I feel
> strongly that standards are usually there for a reason - i.e. because a lot
> of people think something is a good idea. So anything that breaks a
> standard should have a very good reason to do so, and I don't consider this
> to be one.
> Stu.
> _______________________________________________


No offense taken. Really.

This forum provides room for discussion and free exchange of ideas.
Ultimately, we all want the same thing, a great piece of software to
listen to our music. Now, if we only could get some company to make some
decent hardware.

Bryan :)


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