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Subject: Archos Jukebox Recorder V2 - Help
From: Scott B McDowall (
Date: 2004-08-04

Dear All

My lovely little Recorder is silent. I bought it from Ebay on Saturday -
it was in great nick when I loaded Rockbox and 110 CDs - that was
yesterday. Last night, I decided to charge the battery by leaving it
hooked onto a USB hub and when I woke at 4ish, it was broke. When I
turned it on, I was getting flashing green and red lights - now there
is no flashing at all. It is dead to the world - I tried connecting it
directly to my lap top USB and for a while it showed enough life to say
" HD Register Error".

I tried it on the official charger and now it is totally dead. Needless
to say, my computer does not recognise it. I had been so looking forward
to getting this machine and now I have broken it. Can anyone help? It is
a V2 so I can not take the batteries out an recharge them on their own.

Scott B


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