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Subject: Dead V2 Recorder
From: James Foster (
Date: 2004-08-13

I was listening to music when my 20gb V2 recorder died, probably due
to low battery. I plugged it into the charging USB cable, and the
charging battery graphic came on. When I came back to it later, the
screen was blank and it won't turn on. When I hold the on button,
nothing happens- th LEDs don't flash, the screen doesn't come on -
absolutely nothing happens. I tried charging it with both the dc
charging power cable and the usb cable, but still nothing happens when
I plug them in. I also tried holding F1 and plugging in the dc cable,
then the usb cable, but still absolutely no response. I have flashed
it with rockbox, but that was a couple months ago and I haven't had
any other problems besides this.

Can my rockbox be revived? Thanks, James.

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