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Subject: OT, but I need some help
From: rinty (
Date: 2004-08-16

Hi all, I've been left some money by a relative who knows how much I
love music, and he's told me to spoil myself. I've found a pair of
Grado RS1's on ebay, and the RA1 headphone amplifier, which tempt me
greatly. The price is about the same as buying the headphones alone in
this country. The headphone amp comes in 2 guises, one that takes
batteries, 1 that's powered by AC. Could someone take a look at the
items for me, and tell me (if the pics show any details) which version
this is? Also it's delivered from Asia to the UK, could anyone see if
it looks at all dodgy? the seller's English isn't up to the job of
answering the question.

Thanks for any help, an Archos is only 1 of the units I'll be using
this on.


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