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Subject: Re: my rocking box is no more

Re: my rocking box is no more

From: Glenn Ervin <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 23:27:31 -0500

Hi Mat,
Sorry for this off-topic piece, but I was watching a show called Cops, on TV
the other day, and in this particular episode, the police were setting up a
female cop to trap guys into soliciting them, and when they were supposed to
meet them around back, the police, 3 of them, would wrestle the poor guy
down and treat him like shit, and arrest him.
Now here's a kind of crime that the police cannot possibly stop, and some
would argue that prostitution is not even a crime.
And all I could think of during this program is that these police should be
out there preventing crap like burglaries, and other such crimes. And here
this happens to you.
It also makes me mad when police bother with writing speeding tickets for 5
miles over the limit, when there are so many other crimes to be prevented.
Also, I have no sympathy for the unarmed criminal that gets shot and killed
for breaking into someone's home.
Sorry for the off-topic response.

>From Glenn Ervin
This message originated from a computer which I do not usually use, and when
you reply, you may not be replying to my e-mail address, so my e-mail
address is:
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From: "mat" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 3:20 PM
Subject: Re: my rocking box is no more

I'm not being materealistic here. It simply annoys me to such a degree
that a criminal feels they have the right to break into someones house
and do what they want. Heck, it's not just the fact that they steal
belongings - it's the fact that some piece of scum enters my home
uninvited and touches my things, uuurrgghh.

I'm sorry if I offended you with my comment but having been a victim of
crime so many times and so recently, I am still quite angry. I bought a
car for my partner to use since we had our baby son - it was stolen
twice. The second time I didn't want to take it back from the car pound
as it was damaged and had allready cost me too much (not too mention the
fact I have to pay to pick it - and it's more than my insurance excess).
These people don't care about the lives they affect, they have nothing
to offer society (in fact they drag it down ) and they don't deserve to
be part of it. People who infringe on other people's right's have no
place in society. And the problem is they get away with it! They know
how to play the system, how to come up with excuses to get off lightly.
They should at least be locked up for life but they continue to walk
around doing as they please whilst us law abiding folk pay for them to
live through benifits etc.

Okay, there may be the odd case of someone stealing to feed his family
but i'm sure this is rare. Most of them are either a) drug heads or b)
people who don't want to work and are looking for an alternative.
Either way, lock 'em up and throw away the key.

Sorry for my rant but this really annoys me - why do I work? Why do I
bother? why don't I just go and rob other people? Purely and simply
because I have a conscience. These people don't care about anyone except
themselves - why should we care about them? Youth these days...I blame
the parents etc. etc.


>that remember me a little sentence in "pulp fiction" when vince vega say
>barely the same kind of insanity. I hope it's just a excess of ownership
>syndrome and not a life style because if it's the case i think you missed
>two centuries of reflexion on mankind and forgiveness
>Ps: my english is poor and full of mistakes but i hope you can understand

Received on 2004-08-17

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