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Subject: Re: OT, but I need some help

Re: OT, but I need some help

From: Glenn Ervin <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 23:40:26 -0500

Hi Rob,
Here is how you copy & paste a URL, and I believe this works for anyone, not
just users of synthetic speech on the computer...
Alt + D
puts you into the address field, and it is already highlighted, so you only
need to do a
control + C
to copy it to the clipboard, and also, I am sure that you already know that
Control + V
will paste it wherever you need to.

>From Glenn Ervin
This message originated from a computer which I do not usually use, and when
you reply, you may not be replying to my e-mail address, so my e-mail
address is:
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From: "rinty" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 2:01 PM
Subject: RE: OT, but I need some help

Hi Fred, thanks for the message, and the help. I didn't post a link,
as I really don't know how to do it. I know I need to copy it to the
clipboard, however I don't know how to get the URL when I'm looking at
the page. Maybe someone who uses JFW would be able to tell me.

The deal I thought I'd gotten wasn't that good as it turns out, a hifi
shop has told me that they can do the RS1's for 375. The headphone
amp is an essential. I'm going to listen before buying, as I want to
spend the money wisely, and I wouldn't even think of buying a pair of
speakers without auditioning them, so why should I do any different
with headphones. I feel much better with a European, American, or UK
seller too.

Thanks Fred, and I took what you said on board, hence the change of


-----Original Message-----
[]On Behalf Of Fred Maxwell
Sent: 16 August 2004 19:27
To: Rockbox development
Subject: Re: OT, but I need some help


A link would be a big help.

The Grados are wonderfully revealing and detailed, but make sure that
they have a tonal balance that is to your taste. Many listeners
(including me) feel that the Grados to exaggerate the high
causing listener fatigue. The other option is the high-end
which trade a tiny bit of the Grado's detail for a warmer and less
strident sound. If I were evaluating a piece of audio equipment, I'd
use the Grados. For listening for pleasure, the Sennheiser's suit me
better -- and are more comfortable. Of course, what I hear and what
hear may be totally different since no two people's hearing is

The Grado RA1 amp is also available in a higher gain AC-powered
for driving headphones which are less efficient than the Grados, so
there are really three versions of the amp. All are superb.

I would be very careful with a transaction of that value. Does the
seller have good feedback? If so, was any of it for high dollar
  You want to watch out for scammers who sell a bunch of cheap
to build up their positive feedback and then lure people into sending
them hundreds, or thousands, of dollars/pounds for high-priced items
that never arrive. You might want to consider one of the reputable
escrow services.

Good luck!

   Fred Maxwell

rinty wrote:

> Hi all, I've been left some money by a relative who knows how much I
> love music, and he's told me to spoil myself. I've found a pair of
> Grado RS1's on ebay, and the RA1 headphone amplifier, which tempt me
> greatly. The price is about the same as buying the headphones alone
> this country. The headphone amp comes in 2 guises, one that takes
> batteries, 1 that's powered by AC. Could someone take a look at the
> items for me, and tell me (if the pics show any details) which
> this is? Also it's delivered from Asia to the UK, could anyone see
> it looks at all dodgy? the seller's English isn't up to the job of
> answering the question.
> Thanks for any help, an Archos is only 1 of the units I'll be using
> this on.
> Rob
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