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Subject: RE: Questions regarding installing rombox

RE: Questions regarding installing rombox

From: Aregullin, Manuel <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:30:42 -0700

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your help with this issue, and JRG thank you as well.
I have some questions for each of you. I've attempted to update using
various methods, but I'm not sure why There a few steps that I can't
1. I checked out the blind flash instructions, which I must say, are pretty
good. However, step 4 mentions "Again wait for the disk to settle, then
press F2 to get a
warning label (if the plugin has exited, you don't have the proper file) and
F3 to actually program the file." I'm not sure which file is the improper
one. Is it the .ajz file, or the firmwareflash.rock. Should I replace one of
I'm confused because, if I first start with a daily build, and then only
copy the 2 bin files to y jukebox using winzip, they are copied to a folder
called V2. I try to run the firmwareflash.rock by pressing play on it, and
the disk spins up and when it quits, I press F1. The disk spins up, and when
it quits, I press f2. At this point it seems to quit the plugin and take me
back to the menu that says "brows plugins" I believe that the sentence I
pasted above refers to the fact that if the plugin quits, I don't have the
proper file, I'm just not so sure that I'm copying the proper files out of Should I indeed be copying the entire directory to my Jukebox?
Also one set of instructions mentions the package, but the more
condensed blind flash instructions doesn't mention this package. I'm I
confusing 2 different processes around upgrading my rockbox?

I now have a question for you lee. You gave me a set of steps that I'm
trying to use also.
1. So, if I install the daily build, and then run it to make sure that it
works, which files from the rombox package should I extract? Should I only
be extracting specific files? I'm not sure which files contain the code
which gets updated with each build, thus I could be replacing the important

For both of you. I've heard of a process involving a .ucl file. Do I need to
do something with rockbox.ucl

I can tell that something is being updated. Before I started with each of
your help, every time I pressed a key on the jukebox, the hd would spin up
to speak the folder number of the currently highlighted folder, it also used
to spin up the HD when I'd press the menu (f1) key. Now it doesn't have to
do that, the voice prompts are all a little more responsive. I'm just stuck
half way between updating my rockbox.
Sorry I've been so much trouble, and thanks for all your help.

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From: [] On
Behalf Of Lee Pilgrim
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 1:35 PM
To: Rockbox development
Subject: Re: Questions regarding installing rombox

Before you try rombox, you need to install a daily build.

Go to and download the newest version for
your jukebox, then you can download rombox and instal it.

You were getting the error "incompatible version" because the plugin API
changed, making all the old plugin no longer work, and needed them updated.
(the daily build contains the latest plugins with it.)

     Good Luck!

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004 11:40:18 -0700, Aregullin, Manuel
<> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been attempting off and on to update my Archos recorder v2 to the
> rombox, however, I've been unsuccessful in doing so. I've received
> errors that "incompatible version" ETC. Apparently I hadn't started
> the process properly, because I can still start and run my jukebox and
> I still have voice support in the menus and my folder structure still
> speaks voicing folder numbers. I'm usually pretty good technically and
> can follow instructions, but for some reason I'm having problems with
> this procedure. I'm attributing this to the fact that I'm probably
> over interpreting the instructions and in no way Should this reflect
> on those whom have spent several hours donating there time updating
> the manual. I've followed a link that was sent out by one of our
> rockbox community to the manual which refers to flashing the recorder.
> AT first, some how I became directed to download the file
> however, today when I went to look for the reference
> which I was following, I couldn't find it. I'm not sure what that
> package would have been used for. I did find a section regarding the
> actual procedure which does direct me to down a file called
> I'm not sure which of these I actually need. Should I
> update to the latest daily build before trying to flash my jukebox?
> Am I in fact using the proper terminology when thinking that flashing my
> jukebox will install rombox, thus allowing more of my music to be buffered
> while playing music it and conserving battery power?
> Would someone be so kind as to tell me:
> 1. which package should I unzip to my jukebox?
> 2. I'm just not sure when I should rolo the AJZ file, and when does the
> file play a roll?
> Any help would be appreciated in simplifying these instructions for me.
> Thanks
> manny
> _______________________________________________

Received on 2004-08-18

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