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Subject: Re: HELP! Recorder V2 seems to be dead!

Re: HELP! Recorder V2 seems to be dead!

From: Carsten Tschach <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 07:41:21 +0200

Linus Nielsen Feltzing wrote:
> > Now it seems to be totally dead - if I connect it to USB nothing
> > happens...if I connect it to the Archos Power Supply it will heat up the
> > Recorder, but still no reaction. I also tried to remove the battery and
> > inserted it again, so that the Recorder get's a full reset...well,
> > nothing helps.
> Seems like the battery is bad, or the battery connectors.

Well....but it still heats um the battery with the charger connected, so there
must happen something.

I did measure the voltage of the battery and it is 2.8 Volts - normaly it should
have about 4.2 Volts, so it seems to be pretty low.

In the past I discovered, that the Archos Recorder V2 need to be running to
charge the battery, so I'm no sure if this could also be a RockBox problem (even
if the specs say that charging in the V2 is hardware controlled).

Any way to charge the battery externally....e.g. connecting it to a power-supply
which produced 4.2 Volt? Or did LiIon batteries need any special charging?

> > I still have waranty on, but I don't want to sent it away if this is a
> > solvable problem...
> I think you should return it.

Well...I talked with Archos Support and they say that batteries are out of
waranty support, so if it is the battery, they'll charge me more than 100 Euro
for a replacement without asking.

I talked the company who sold me the Recorder, but they say they have to sent it
to the technical service before I can get an exchange...they even say that the
V2 is out of production and they won't get any new one's.

I'm even not sure what would happen if I sent in a device with rockbox installed
in flash? I'm sure that Archos would say that playing with such things also void
the waranty...

> > Any way to use the Recorder without Battries as a "only work with
> > attached power supply device"?!
> Not without a hardware modification, AFAIK.

Couldn't I simply connect 4.2 Volts to the Battery connectors? Or do I need to
disable the charging hardware on the PCB?

Thanks for your support, Carsten

Received on 2004-08-23

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