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Subject: Feature Request: USB HDD only Custom Rom.
From: Joel Wiramu Pauling (
Date: 2004-08-25

Sorry this is repost the list handler didn´t like my gpg sig.


Hi there,

I´ve had a look at the feature request lists and these seem to be the most relevant numbers: [ 770014 ] Disable USB battery charge [ 638529 ] Auto-spindown on USB mode [ 906677 ] format JB6000 in hfs mode [ 982182 ] Shared harddisk access USB host PC & flashed Rockbox?

Basically my Jukebox recorder arvies next week, (it´s a 20gb model not v2). So I don´t think it charges through USB anyway(correct me if I´m wrong), so not all of this is relevant.

I have also just purchased a toshiba e800 (with usb host port). And I want to be able to use the rockbox, as an external hdd, and just play via the e800 (for ogg etc). Is this currently possible? (God I hope so, the toshiba´s do work like this with ipods).

Now i´ve been reading about the compressed rom images and ,how two are actually stored and are switchable at boot. AFAIK it´s going to be impossible to have the rockbox plugged into my ppc and also be able to have it function as a mp3 player.

Want I want to do is have those two images like so.

1 as rockbox recorder rom standardly configured. And the second one as an ultra optimised external HDD only image.

I want to make sure that I can get decent battery life from the rockbox in conjuction with my ppc. So I would like to see, a rockbox image, with optimised HDD spindown, turned off LCD, and the smallest memory footprint, since all it needs to do is basically manage the usb connection and disk access.

Now I´m far from a programmer but I can happily compile (I run a Linux/*nix only setup) So i´m hopping someone can generate something like this for me.

Anyone done this type of thing before. What type of battery life can I expect out of the rockbox running like this?

Any help and comments are appreciated.

Kind regards

Joel Wiramu

New Zealand


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