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Subject: RE: USB spindown (was RE: Feature Request: USB HDD only Custom Ro m.)
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2004-08-25

> I didn't change anything, has always been like this.
> Maybe you can try the energy saver options (where screensaving etc. is
> done), or it is a feature of my disk (Fujitsu 60 GB).
I have tried and tried and I can't get it to spin down under XP. I can't
even get my main drive in my laptop to spindown under XP for that matter, I
have Toshiba disks in both. I think the key might be the APM mode of the
disk. I know RockBox sets this value to 128 at boot up, which is maximum
power management WITHOUT spindown. I have an external USB2 drive caddy
thing, and the travelstar disk in it I have set to a value of 1 and it does
spin down exactly how I would want my JB to under XP. ie. spindown

So I'm thinking Rockbox could set the APM mode to something below 128 -
based on the HD spindown setting maybe. It is impotant to note that the
reason RockBox can spin down the disk is becasue it does it manually via a
seperate spindown ATA command. The APM mode spindown is an internal HD

I know there is a util in linux that can change the APM mode, but there is
nothing in Windoze that will do it that I can find, except for "IBM
PowerBooser" which only works with travelstars and I can't get to work under
XP anyway. But you would have to run it every time on your JB because
RockBox always resets it to 128.


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