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Subject: RE: Feature Request: USB HDD only Custom Rom.
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-08-25

At 14:52 25/08/04, you wrote:
> >
> > I canĀ“t beleive the usb logic would not have some sort of
> > half graceful exit given the propensity for people to
> > pull out usb hardware willy nilly.
> >
>There is an important difference here: Users break the connection on the USB
>side of the transfer, which is handeled gracefully by the USB chip and the
>PC drivers, whereas what you are wanting to do is break the connection at
>the ATA side of the transfer (behind the USB chips back so to speak).
>I don't think there is any way RockBox can trick the USB chip into thinking
>that USB has been disconnected. Even if it could, the whole USB link would
>need to be set up again every time you re-connected, which can be a
>nightmare even at the best of times.

Rockbox is what en/dis-ables the USB chip, so Rockbox does not need to
'trick' the chip, simply 'send the off command' ...but as you say, the
reconnect would be horrific, especially as windows would probably cack out
if the chip disappeared half-way through a transfer - rather than wait and
continue :(

Maybe a read-up on the USB chip might suggest some perverted
work-around? ...although it does strike me to ask, or perhaps even suggest
a lateral solution to the problem, if the jukebox is connected to the PC,
why not use WinAmp (or whatever) to play your music?



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