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Subject: Re: Getting out of recording screen
From: Mat Holton (
Date: 2004-08-26

No, this would be totally inconsistent!
Why have one rule for one screen and one for another, no sorry that's a daft idea.
What _is_ a good idea would be to make the plugin's return to the plugins 'screen' (or directory)
when they finish.



-----Original Message-----From: <>To: Rockbox <>Sent: 26/08/2004 15:28Subject: Getting out of recording screenHow about making the recording screen not return to the menu structure?

So that when you press OFF to get out of it, you end up in the browser


As an extra benefit, this would make the "clean shutdown" work with three

quick OFF presses from the recording state as well, without the need to go

LEFT a couple of times in between...



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