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Subject: Re: no Radio on my FMR Menu
From: Jens Arnold (
Date: 2004-08-28

Hello Alex

>> With this dayly build 27/08
>> The radio option from the main menu is not there anymore.

> I have this problem for some months now. If I revert to
> firmware/drivers/fmradio.c version 1.2, the radio reappears
> and works.

I have a suspicion what might cause this, but since I don't own
a FM recorder I can't verify my theory. Could you please do the
following test:

1) Take the current fmradio.c (1.4)

2) In each of the 2 functions, there is a call of the START
   macro (line 56, line 100). Please add a call to the DELAY
   macro after that, i.e. both places should read:


3) Compile and test if the radio is there. Please report your

Happy rockboxing,


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