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Subject: Re: Volunteering for porting Rockbox
From: Ronald Teune (
Date: 2004-08-28

But would there be big differences between 'emulating' or 'simulating' the
hardware as done now, and running natively?
Rockbox needs buttons for input; the buttons are being mapped directly
 from the keyboard. Rockbox needs ata drivers, dunno how these are handled
now, but I assume using OS standard apis, and I don't think it will be
much different when running natively. And the lcd, you could perhaps
control the graphics card on hardware level, but will that be convenient?
Maybe I'm still too simple, and haven't really looked into the ui
simulator code too. First get some sleep...


On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:58:52 +0100, Joseph Jones <>

> Ronald Teune wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Um... there has been this discussion about porting rockbox to
>> linux/windows.
>> hasn't rockbox already been ported? If I do this uisw32 thing, I can
>> see a nice rockbox popping up, doing all stuff but the mp3 playback
>> (haven't tested id3 reading though)
>> or maybe this is just my simple point of view...
>> Ronald
>> _______________________________________________
> No, that's emulating the hardware. It's not running natively.
> Joe
> _______________________________________________

Ronald Teune
= 1/2 *

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