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Subject: Re: Ondio support feasible (was Re: ROMbox on the FM)

Re: Ondio support feasible (was Re: ROMbox on the FM)

From: mat <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 09:10:57 +0100

[IDC]Dragon wrote:

>>You know, this may be an intersting topic. I have a feeling that the
>>hardware oin the ondio is mostly the same as in the recorder v2.
>>I did this one time and found someting very interesting:
>>-Edit your scramble.c in /tools, and comment out lines 108 to 112
>>(removes size limit), and run make
>>-Download recorder v2 firmware from archos
>>-Descramble it
>>-Scramble it for your unit (mine is a recroder v1)
>>-Rolo to it
>>You will see it says it is an ondio fm at boot time, although the
>>screen is upside down, and it crashes at boot.
>This is _very_ interesting finding. I wasn't expecting that the Ondio is
>derived from our recorder hardware.
>Your experiment shows that the hardware must be very similar, including the
>LCD connection. Are there any pictures of a dissected Ondio available
>So very likely we could port Rockbox to it, for the sporty folks who have
>trouble with a disk player. Although it's a bit overpowered for a device
>that can hold only 2 albums.
>The good part is that the NAND flashes are all alike, since they have a
>8-bit parallel interface instead of a data and address bus. So the internal
>memory could perhaps be upgraded .
>Rockbox will have to at least learn some new tricks like:
>- NAND flash driver (very likely to be used, if no CF card inside)
>- FAT16 (we're likely to find that being used)
>- MMC driver (for the expansion, can be done later)
>Now where do I get an Ondio?
Received on 2004-08-30

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