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Subject: Re: Hello. Help!
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2004-08-30

George Michaelson wrote:
> ... but if you get a REGULATED wallwart, its ok.
> right?
> because.. thats the corollary: if you have unreliable mains power, then regulating
> it before it goes into the ARCHOS is good.

Correct. If you can regulate it before it goes in there, then you are
protecting the Archos from over-voltage. But be aware that you need to
have enough spare voltage to work with the regulator. A typical
three-terminal regulator needs about three more volts going in than you
want to take out. So, for a 12-volt, 300ma supply, the transformer
would need to supply 15v @ 300ma to the regulator. So why not just got
with, say, 24 volts? Because the greater the difference in voltage
between the input and the output, the hotter the regulator gets.

   Fred Maxwell


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