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Subject: Re: (no subject)

Re: (no subject)

From: Ronald Teune <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 21:41:54 +0200

Hi Sandra,

about the free space problem: this is quite common, amiconn (Jens Arnold)
told on IRC that windows doesn't update free space most of the time, and
told how to make rockbox do it itself:
menu, enter info, enter debug (speech will now stop)
now press up 3 times (disk info), press play, press right 3 times (free
space), and press play. rockbox will now search the drive for some time,
and calculate free space.
pressing off, then left will you get back to the speeched part.

about the renaming: the three keys are F1=Shift, F2=OK, F3=Del. Shift
changes keymaps, normal characters, caps, and all kinds of unicode
characters (three keymaps). Del is what you were looking for.

Not sure about the digital microphone, I think other people on this list
know more about that. I do know that the archos has standard digital
in/out, if you plug in a 3,5-to-cinch adapter in the digital plug (this
way the left cinch plug will be in, and the right will be out, or the
other way around). Dunno enough about that though.


On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 20:29:27 +0200, Sandra <> wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm using rockbox for about two weeks now, and think that its a great
> alternative to the original firmware. Since I'm no techy person and
> therefore probably won't be able to contribute to the project myself,
> I'd like to say thanks to all who have put time and effort into the
> creation and development of rockbox.
> Now I've some questions and would be glad if someone here would be able
> to help a bit:
> I've kind of a problem with the hard disk of my jukebox recorder 20 v1.
> I've put about 11 gb of data onto it, but rockbox still tells me that
> there is 15.2 GB free disk space although I've only the usual 20 GB hard
> disk that comes with the recorder. When I connect the Jukebox to my pc
> windows explorer displays 15 gb free disk space as well, but when I
> highlite all files on the Jukebox in Windows Explorer it says that
> there are about 11 GB of files on it, which is more realistic, so there
> should only be about 9 or 8 gb of free disk space...
> I should add that I had this problem since I got the jukebox. Although I
> was told that I was being sold a new model, I think my jukebox has been
> in use before because the foile on the display was removed, and there
> were some strange files on it... So I'm not sure what someone else might
> have done to cause this problem. I'd be glad if someone here could
> explain this, and maybe tell me how to correct it.
> Something else I have problems with is the renaming of files on the
> Jukebox. I've found out that I can navigate the characters of an
> existing file name using on+left/right, but I don't know how to delete
> characters within the file name. I am blind and have to use rockbox'
> speech output facility, so maybe I did miss something, which may only be
> written on the display without being spoken and which would have been
> the answer to this question...
> Furthermore I am wondering if it's possible to use a digital microphone
> together with the Jukebox. I am thinking about getting one and wonder if
> there's something I should know before actually purchasing it...
> I'd be glad if someone here could help me with any of those questions.
> thanks in advance
> Sandra.
> _______________________________________________
Received on 2004-08-31

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