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Subject: ROMbox / safe shutdown bug????
From: Christi Alice Scarborough (
Date: 2004-09-02

Today I was listening to my JB and shut it off at about 3:30pm using a
double click. 8 1/2 hours later I try to turn it on again and find that
my battery is totally wiped. Plugging into the charger or USB gives the
constant clicking of the machine trying to access the drive then running
out of juice. F1+On doesn't get any further. I'm running the last
public ROMbox release on a flashed down JBFM. I'm wondering if the safe
shutdown somehow failed to turn something off which drained my battery.
  It was at about 60% when I turned it off, so self-discharge to that
extent seems unlikely.

Whatever the cause I still need to fix it. How do I get it working
again, given that attempting to charge from the chargers seems likely to
just run the battery down further.



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