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Subject: Re: ROMbox / safe shutdown bug????
From: Christi Alice Scarborough (
Date: 2004-09-02

[IDC]Dragon wrote:
> Please hold F1 while plugging the charger into the (powered off) box. This
> should bring up the Archos charging screen.

So it does, thanks.

> I'm confident your full drain of the battery has nothing to do with ROMbox.
> That mode of operation should not matter.

The battery definitely shouldn't have drained though. I wonder why it did.

> Do you happen to have an old bootloader? (So old that the .ucl flash plugin
> complains about it?)


I must admit I'm of the opinion that the Rockbox charging code shouldn't
need to spin up the hard disk in order to start working. The fallback
means that it's not a huge problem, but Rockbox really ought to be able
to charge in any situation where the Archos firmware can.

Thanks to everyone for your help.


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