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Subject: Re: Building RomBox out-of-the-box
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-09-04

> >> (1) A stray "@echo: not found" is displayed
> > Can you figure where/when/why?
>Figured it out meanwhile:
>In lines 145 and 148 (building rockbox.ucl), you replaced "echo"
>by "@echo". However, this part is not makefile syntax, but shell
>syntax, and the shell doesn't know "@echo".

@echo is a DOS command ;)

You may prefix any DOS command with @ ...this stops the console echo for
that line only

> >> (2) There are _loads_ of TAB chars in the makefile
> > Makefiles are supposed to have heaps of tab characters, and so
> > they did even before my patch.
>Ah ok. I just wondered because
>(1) says:
>"Always indent your code with four spaces. Don't use TAB
>characters, as that will mess up code display in CVS, printing,
>and a zillion other places." and
>(2) In some places the indentation indeed does not use TABs, but
>multiple spaces.

'makefile's use TAB to indicate "this line is a continuation of the last line"
...please don't ask why - I wonder if anybody knows any more! LOL



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