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Subject: Re: Dammit the guy sold me a Jukebox v2...
From: Manuel Dejonghe (
Date: 2004-09-09

On Thu, 9 Sep 2004 08:39:20 +0200 (MEST), Andreas Stemmer
<> wrote:
> > > I have found a univeral switching powerpack, but it's rated at only
> > > 500ma, @ 6V, can someone tell me if this works before I go ahead and get
> > > the guy to buy it?
> >
>> <snip my shit>
> The FAQ above is for the old models, the new recorders (v2) with Li-Ion
> cells have their own FAQ about
> charging:

of course, very sorry for the misinformation.

> > > Also, I need a way of turning off charge from USB functionality... Can
> > > this be done at all... Even it mean some unsoldiering i'm happy to do
> > > it, to restore life to my PDA battery.
> Perhaps you could try a modified USB cable without the +5V wire?

stooop !
All 4 wires of usb are involved in protocol. It need the power first,
then the devices are only able to register themself in usb and so on.

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