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Subject: Re: Re: Can resume tell you what you've been playing?
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-09-10

AHA! I understand :)

It shouldn't be too difficult to add - It would be my guess that you may
need to change the call order such that you call "load_playlist" then
"ask_resume" then "play_file" (proc names invented) ..this may already be
the case, if so, then all you need to do it print the name :)

It may be relevant to note that there is something a little weird about the
resume screen in as much as it appears in the top-left on boot and
centralised on request ...I have often wondered why, but never taken the
time to find out.

If I were to change it, I would shuffle the Rockbox logo down a bit and ask
the on-boot question over the boot screen, but then my idea of artistic has
_always_ been in question - LOL ...The realistic advantage is sufficient
time to read off the version number before it disappears.


>Thanks for the response, Bluechip. But I already know how to enable the
>resume -- I use it all the time. I was wondering if there was a way for
>Rockbox to tell me WHAT I am resuming.
>So it would say something like:
>Resume playing rock.m3u?
>Resume playing Starship_We_Built_This_City.mp3?


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