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Subject: Dead-ish JBR 20
From: Leif Sawyer (
Date: 2004-09-13

 I've got a very odd situation with my V1 JBR.

I had upgraded it a year or two ago with a toshiba
60G hard drive, and had been very happy with it, until
the JBR stopped being able to power it up.

I removed the drive, and tested it in two different
external USB enclosures, and sure enough - the drive works well.

I put the original 20G drive back in, and it spins up just fine!

It looks like the difference between the two drives is that
the 20G is rated for .5A, and the 60G is rated at .7A.

This extra 200mA seems to being causing the JBR to not supply
the correct voltage to spin up the drive.

I've checked for cold solder joints here and there, but haven't
seen anything.

I've cut the springs so they're not putting so much pressure on
the PCB as well.

Any other hints? I'm missing my music!

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