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Subject: Re: Monitor recording output volume (was: using my FMR as a line in device)
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-09-17

Turn your jukebox into a hearing aid :)

I always thought it would be an interesting concept to be able to easily
enable the mic during playback so that you could hear people speak to you
without interrupting your music. A bit obscure, but it's thoughts like
that which kept me out of all the good schools :)

>There isn't a volume control in the recording screen, is there? In other
>words, I sometimes am using my FMR as a line in device as well. I can't
>adjust the output volume without leaving the recording "module" and
>adjusting the volume before returning to the recording screen.
>Could an output volume be added in the recording screen (as opposed to an
>ambiguous "volume" entry), or is that not possible due to hardware
>constraints? And I am talking about something entirely different than the
>line in gain, which of course you can control already.


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