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Subject: Re: New button code
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-09-20

> > Quick question: Has the button bug:
> >
> > -the up button sometimes activates the F2 menu
> > -the right button sometimes activates the left button
> > -the down button sometimes activates the right button
> >
> > been fixed yet?
>No, that is a driver issue and has not been fixed yet. It occurs when we
>are reading the button voltage level just while it is changing. Then we
>read a temporary voltage that represents another button than that which
>was pressed.
>The fix is to read the voltage twice and filter out large variations, but
>that adds some other complications which is the reason we haven't
>implemented it yet.

It has always been of interest to me - does anyone know if the the Archos
firmware suffers the same problem of mis-read keys? I've often wondered if
they use a totally different system, or just filter out erroneous data?


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