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Subject: Re: Advice/Help Needed :(
From: Jens Arnold (
Date: 2004-09-21

Hello Mike

>> Thanks for all the replies so far (I know its a little off
>> topic), perhaps I should've been more accurate with my setup
>> here. I've tested the unit on XP SP1 and SP2, using USB1.1 -
>> I wasnt really paying attention when it asked me for drivers,
>> I should've thought about that.

> XP already has suitable drivers for the usb mass storage
> device, which the Archos (and various cameras, memory sticks
> etc) uses. You shouldn't need to load any drivers at all. Try
> removing the drivers, then plugging it in again.

Unfortunately the USB->ATA bridge (ISD200) used in the USB1.1
Jukeboxes (all Players, Recorder 6, 10 and some 15) is *not* USB
mass storage compliant, so it is *not* supported by the default
WinXP drivers.

However, the USB2.0 Jukebox models (Recorder 20, some 15, and
all FM/V2) use the ISD300, which is USB mass storage compliant
and hence does not need additional drivers on WinXP or any
decent OS.

Regards, Jens


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