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Subject: Re: How up to date is the feature requests page?
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2004-09-23

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Menachem Shapiro wrote:

> I am new to the rockbox experience. I was looking for an older mp3 player
> (with a 2.5 inch hard drive) and originally bought the Neo 25 G II. When I
> found out that there was an open source firmware for Archos players, I
> bought one.

There's in fact one available for the Neos too, called Open Neo, that is a
fork off from an old Rockbox version.

> On to my question. I was wondering how up to date the status of the
> requests on the "feature requests" page is.

We do our best to keep the requests accurate, commented and with a correct
status. That is a huge job so we are doomed to have a whole lot of them not
taken care of.

> In other words, if and entry is marked with no resolution, is it possible it
> was still resolved?

If the request is still present and open, it is most likely still a request
and not a feature we have implemented.

> How often is the list updated?

We attempt to change the affected entries as soon as we modify the sources.
But again, they are so many that we often miss a few or just forget to do it.

> Is there any chance that this feature has been implemented even though it is
> marked as unresolved?

Nope, we have no support for these requested features. Yet.

  Daniel Stenberg -- --

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